Mood for Reinvention

I'm in the mood for reinvention, but it's weird for me to feel this around the first of the year.

This year, I declared my New Year's back in the end of November.


I started thinking about how I wanted my life to be. What things I wanted to change. The differences I wanted in my finances, work life, and body. (More, more satisfying, healthier.)

As I thought about that and about New Year's resolutions, I thought the radical idea: what if there isn't anything I need to reinvent?

What if I don't need to improve?

I don't mean this in a "I'm perfect and untouchable" way. I mean it as maybe, just maybe before I start talking about changing things, I need to look at what's working. Look at the imperfections that make me human.

And looking at what's working, what's imperfect, what's human means that I'm looking at those places where it's enough.

Where I'm enough.


Enoughness is something I've struggled with for years now. I worry about not being good enough, that people won't like me, that I'm going to make a misstep. I'm going to say something wrong.

Hell, even typos bug me.

I've worked through so much, I've processed so much. And still there's so much for me to do.

I think that is the essential part of being human. To never be finished.

So what if I operate on the assumption that I am enough? Is there still a need for reinvention?


While I may be enough while I'm sitting here, imperfect, happily writing, I'm still not satisfied.

I want a healthier body, new clothes, financial serenity, clean floors, and time to spend with my family.

And I really want to explode, creatively. For fifteen years (or more) I held back. The few glimpses I showed people of myself were promising, but I didn't feel like I was enough--and so I didn't show anyone.

Now, it's time.

So my mood right now isn't so much reinvention as it's a focused direction and desire for development.

That's my hope for you, too.

May you know that you are enough.

May you know that if you aren't satisfied, that's the normal human condition.

And know that you can focus your direction and develop into anything--any person--you want to be.

A blessed New Year to you!