Award-winning, steamy romance about real people and true love


The army taught me discipline. Order. Control.
None of that matters the day I walk into her classroom.
Or her bedroom.
What’s more important than my grade?
Not failing her.

"'This was a kiss goodbye when we’d never said hello.' With its incredible storytelling and poetic prose, Sol is a heartbreaker in the very best sense of the word. Beautiful, spellbinding, and kinetic, this is a story not to be missed." - New York Times bestselling author Kim Karr

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Published Works

2015 Watty Winner

"A steamy, sun-drenched California romance with some intriguingly serious undertones." --Kirkus Reviews

Amazon Bestseller

"a rough hewn cowboy shows a bleeding heart liberal the real meaning of saddling up for a long ride. Opposites attract in McAdam's stylish, witty combination of heat, humor and horseplay." -- Bestselling author Lila Monroe

International Bestseller

"The story and the characters both radiated a profound honesty and an easy charm" -- Naughty Book Blog


2016 Summer Indie Book Award Winner #1 in Romance

"This book matters." --Amazon reviewer

Student-Teacher Romance

“...this lady is the real deal” -- Maxine Donner