Deleted scene from All the Waters of the Earth


The first draft of All the Waters of the Earth had a scene where Lucy gives Jake a quickie blow job when he's bloodied and upset.  It struck the wrong note for the scene and I deleted it.  But I still like it, so here's the original first draft of Lucy cheering Jake up.  Obviously, it's steamy and for 18+.


And I had an idea. I lifted an eyebrow, playfully. "I know what most guys say makes them feel better if they're having a bad day."
I wished I had a camera to record his double-take. A slow smile spread across his face and he shook his head a little bit.
"My mom's here," he said.
"So, be quick. Can you do that?"
"Yeah," he breathed. And the air between us changed from somber to electric.
"You okay to stand?"
He nodded and got up. I kneeled before him, unzipping his jeans and easing them down. He wasn't erect at all, but I started licking and sucking on his cock, and it got erect pretty damn fast. Yes, it was a weird idea. Yes, it was a distraction. But I thought that he needed a release from what had just happened. And maybe he would be calmer and think about this rationally.
Using my hand, I pumped his cock, as he stifled a moan. "Oh, fuck yes, Lucy, oh my God," he groaned. I almost giggled, but my mouth was full. I loved doing this to him. I looked up at him, worshiping him, as he looked down at me in admiration.
And not long after, he came with a quiet "Fuck," arching his back against the wall. Fastest blow job ever. I got in a few more licks and sucks for good measure, and then helped him to clean up. He got straightened, his nose was tidy, and he seemed in a better mood. He gave me a big hug, saying "C'mere, you. I don't know what I would do without you."

Copyright 2016 Leslie McAdam.  All rights reserved.

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